A small summary about Eastgate

In 914 AD Ethelfleda, daughter of King Alfred the Great, fortified the town of Warwick in an effort to protect the borders of the Kingdom against the invading Danes. A ditch was dug around the town and a simple earthen wall constructed.

The town originally had three gates, Westgate, Eastgate and Northgate. Northgate was demolished in the early 16th Century.

Eastgate probably dates from the 14th Century and was partially rebuilt with the chapel dedicated to St Peter being built above it in around 1426. The Chapel was maintained by the Guild of Warwick and regular masses were sung.

In 1576 the Chapel, described as “ruinous and ready to fall” was acquired by the Corporation. Money was found for repairs and was used by King’s Grammar School. In 1788 it was rebuilt in the Gothic style by Francis Hiorn, a local architect and builder and three times Mayor of Warwick. He was also responsible for the rebuilding work on many churches, eg Tetbury. The main lines of the 15th Century building were followed and much of the building material was re-used, but various embellishments, such as tall pinnacles and crenellations were added. The present building resembles a miniature church, raised above the gate on a platform with an embattled parapet. The windows contain forking and intersecting tracery. The main part of the building is divided into two stories.

The building has been put to many uses throughout its life and many people have lived there. Records show that in 1677 the Chapel was let to a *Richard Bromley for 27 years at a rent of £1 17d. 6d per annum. He remained a tenant until 1700 when St Peter’s was converted into a schoolroom. It has remained a school for most of its life since then.

In the early 19th Century there were two schoolrooms on the lower floor and apartments for the master and mistress above.

For much of its life, the building has been used for educational purposes, until King’s High School terminated the lease in 2009.

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